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My Money

The My Money function allows NAF employees to view payroll data, e.g., Leave and Earnings Statements and Forms W-2, and make changes to address, tax withholding, and net pay distributions. Access the My Money function in the Air Force Services Financial Management System (AFSFMS) via the web at https://nafpay.afsv.net .Contact your Installation NAF-HR for access and/or assistance.


Designed for employees, My Biz brings information from your official personnel records to your workstation, secure, real-time and on-line. Use My Biz to access and view information about your appointment, position, personal data, salary, benefits, awards and bonuses, and performance. You can also use My Biz to update your telephone number, address, and e-mail address, disability codes, race and national origin (ethnicity and race identification), and foreign language proficiency. My Biz can only be accessed from a computer under the ".mil" domain name.

To access My Biz, use the following link: https://compo.dcpds.cpms.osd.mil/ (from your .mil station only). First time CAC users need to register before logging in. Select the "Register" button and enter your Social Security Number (SSN). Non-CAC users will need to request a username and password by calling (210) 565-5004. For more information, contact your local NAF-HR.

For Employees and Retirees

The DoD implemented the Health Benefits Program (HBP) on January 1, 2000. It provides comprehensive benefits which include hospitalization, prescription drugs, medical, surgical, preventive, mental health, substance abuse, vision, and dental care.

The Program, through Aetna, provides access to in-network doctors, hospitals, health care facilities, and pharmacies ,globally ,along with claims administration services for the Program. Aetna , as the Third Party Administrator, processes and pays medical and dental claims . Premiums from participants collected through payroll deductions. On a bi-weekly basis. More information about the benefit can be found at Aetna.com and/or Aetna.Navigator.


Non-military employees of DoD NAF instrumentalities and their dependents are eligible to voluntarily participate in the DoD HBP. Employees must be paid on the United States dollar payroll and hold a regular appointment. Dependents include an employee’s spouse and children up to the age of 26. Marriage and/or birth certificates established the benefit relationship. Employees’ claiming Common Law Marriage must complete the benefit application at the Human Resource Office.

Should there be any conflict between the eligibility criteria described in this website and those in the Summary Plan Description (SPD), the terms of the SPD will be used to determine eligibility and benefits.

If you have any questions regarding the DoD NAF HBP, please feel free to contact the Group Insurance Branch at our toll free #: 1-800-379-2867.

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Flexible Benefit Plan

Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) participants pay their bi-weekly DoD NAF HBP contributions on a pre/post tax basis. FBP is a voluntary enrollment benefit. Employees must be aware that enrollment in the benefit is a tax election option. Participants must remain in the FBP and may not cancel or change their health coverage for an entire calendar year except under limited circumstances*. There is a FBP Open Enrollment Period every year in conjunction with the Health Benefit Open Enrollment Period. It’s during this time that employees are allowed to make changes to their FBP elections.

*If, during the Plan Year, the participant undergoes a "change in family status" as defined by the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, the employee may revoke or change his/her election to participate, provided that such revocation or change is consistent with the change in family status. A revocation or change of an election is consistent with a family status change only if the revocation or change is necessary or appropriate as a result of the family status change.

For more information about this DOD NAF Health Benefits Program, please contact your local NAF-Human Resources.

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