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Developmental Assessment Definitions

Ready – Ready now to assume greater responsibility in a more challenging position at the same grade or a grade higher than currently held

Explanation – Employee has successfully acquired the training, education and experience required at their current level and is ready for the next challenge. That does not necessarily equate to promotion but should offer a significant stretch into new skills/competencies


  • Seasoned GS-14 employee ready to apply for Deputy Program Manager
  • High potential GS-14 with AWC, a Master’s Degree, supervisory experience and appropriate breadth at current grade - ready for promotion

Groom – Demonstrated growth potential (employee would benefit by an assignment in a related specialty or different organizational level). Sufficiently skilled now for new developmental opportunities

Explanation – Employee has performed successfully but still requires development in a specific competency. That could entail education, training or specific experience requirements that have not been met


  • GS-13 action officer is highly skilled but has no formal supervisory experience – reassign as a supervisor
  • GS-13 employee at base level needs exposure to policy levels – reassign to Air Staff
  • High potential employee with good breadth and depth needs a master’s degree. Recommend they pursue through CDE or through Career Field Team

On Track – Needs further development at current assignment, but may be ready for developmental position or greater responsibility in the future

Explanation – Employee has limited experience in current position and requires more depth to determine performance capabilities or potential for success in a higher-graded position


  • GS-12 employee just accepted a lateral supervisory position at new location. Identify as an FS leadership course candidate to strengthen leadership skills
  • GS-13 prior military instructor with limited experience in current position. Recommend remaining at current assignment to gain more depth of experience and applying for a CB in 1-2 years

Current Assignment – Stay in current assignment (required for specific expertise or announced retirement, etc.)

Explanation – Employee is in a position that is appropriate to their abilities and/or their career goals. Limit further development as appropriate for their current position


  • Employee has expressed plans to retire in the near term
  • Employee does not wish to be promoted or change jobs and plans to stay in place
  • Employee has reached the highest level available without mobility – although they may be capable of handling advancement, there are no opportunities locally, further career broadening or developmental education is not required for the employee, and employee will not relocate